Auto complete words when not built into program

I’m typing a lot of long words into Obsidian, and am wishing for auto complete.
There is BBAutoComplete, and this Keyboard Maestro macro that sorta works, but doesn’t take the vocabulary of the current document into consideration (unless your application is scriptable). This means per is corrected to perhaps rather than perspective as I wanted.
It seems I remember some program that would search your current directory, then generate a word list based on the words within those documents - or maybe this is memory I created myself :slight_smile:

Not quite what you were asking but in case it helps / sparks any other solutions… Is Mac’s own predictive text any better / more accurate than what you’re using at the moment? Even without a Touch Bar on the physical device, you can open the On Screen Keyboard, move it so just the ‘suggestion bar’ is visible like this:

As you can see “perspective” is suggestion 2 there. I don’t think you can use the physical keyboard to autocomplete, needs mouse input which I think, personally, I’d find too disruptive to typing flow but you might not.

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BBEdit/VSCode/OrgMode has autocompletion based on the current document’s contents. The Vim plug-in YouCompleteMe has tab autocompletion but once again only based on the current document’s contents(I like this one the best).

Thanks @stu_w for the suggestion. I too think moving off the keyboard would be too disruptive. But good thought, I didn’t know that was available.

Thanks @NiranS. It would need to work in Obsidian, otherwise I would just use Emacs, which has a package for everything :slightly_smiling_face:

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