Auto-log Withings weigh-ins to Day One

Up till Jan 2019, Withings logged my scales readings to Day One via IFTTT. This no longer works and I can’t find any way to recreate it in IFTTT.

Has anyone found a way to bring back this functionality?

If it is since 2019, have you tried to reconnect it?
I could remember that there was a problem some 3 years ago for a couple of weeks, that were solved, and it worked again if you reconnected Whtitings towards IFTTT (or just deleted the IFTTT, and made a new one.

Unfortunately, the Withings->Day One IFTTT “recipe” has completely disappeared from my personal list and no such connections are currently available, as far as I can see.
Neither do there appear to be Health App workarounds that I could use.