Auto reply for Messages?

I am getting tired of messages and want to put an “out of office” or some other customized auto replies in place. Any idea’s?

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IIRC, @MacSparky does this by invoking Do Not Disturb While Driving (I forget which podcast he mentioned it on). If you add the switch for it to Control Center, you can trigger it just by swiping up and tapping the icon.

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Thanks for your quick reply.
But this only works for phone and messages. I am looking for messages only option.

I have never used any of the automation features in the Mac. Perhaps I should look into leaving a Mac running that will have automated replies?

Not trying to Hijack this thread, and moderator, if my question needs to be moved, I understand.

First, WOW, sometimes I need to hear it twice to “get it”!

I heard the MacSparky episode about him using DND, but it didn’t sink in how I could use it another way, until now.

Some days my health does not permit me to converse. In the past, on those days, I have been responding to text messages with a “unavailable” jpeg that I had made. It worked. After reading this thread, I have changed my DND to a written Message that I am unavailable, but will answer later.

Two questions:
1 - What about those spam text that we all occasionally get? Wouldn’t a auto response alert their system that they have hit a good number?

2 - Is there anyway for me to insert my old jpeg into the auto response, rather than have just text. Yea, I know, the jpeg wouldn’t cover the phone call though. Maybe a way to do both?

Hi Ricky,

Not to worry you are on point :slight_smile:

For me texting is rather tiresome, a specially on iOS typing is a real pain and time consuming when it goes beyond just a quick yes or no kind of reply. People get into entire conversations.

Want to automate and control what is happening to who and when.
Like Call me rather than text.

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You can set DND to allow calls from Everyone, would that work?

For your first question, auto reply allows you to select between no one, recents, favorites, and all contacts. No matter what you pick, spam numbers won’t get an auto reply.


DOUBLE WOW!! Thanks! Making those adjusts right now. :tada::tada::sunglasses:

And what if one doesn’t have an iphone ?-)

Stop what you are doing and head to your nearest cell plan providers address and swap your phone out for an iPhone :sunglasses:

Its the other way around, I am seriously contemplating to ditch my iPhone and go with a regular cellphone…

Auto reply message should be:
I am not reading this, call me if you want to communicate with me :wink:

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My voicemail ought to be, 'It’s the 21st century. Who talks on the phone? Send a text."

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People around me think I drive a lot more than I actually do. (Most days I don’t even have a car. :wink: )