Auto save emails to Obsidian

I subscribe to several newsletters. I would like to collect each one in Obsidian. Is there a way to automate it so that when a new newsletter email is received it converts to markdown and saves to Obsidian?

Seems like something hazel could do? Maybe this script first, then have hazel act on the folder?

Or, if you have Devonthink, you can use a mail rule to run an applescript to send it to a folder in DT, where a Devonthink smart rule could convert and send it to an indexed Obsidian folder? Here is the information from Devonthink on setting this up:

Apple Mail Rules
When considering importing emails into your DEVONthink databases, the question of “automatic” email importing invariably comes up. While this isn’t fully possible yet, there is a mechanism in Apple Mail that can provide some level of “automatic”: Mail Rules.

Found in Apple Mail’s Preferences > Rules, these are a rules consisting of criteria to be matched and an associated action (similar to smart rules). As incoming emails are detected, Mail will check for matches in a rule and execute any actions you’ve specified in the rule.

One of the actions available is Run AppleScript. Selecting this option shows a dropdown with any installed Mail Rule scripts. These scripts are installed in ~/Library/Application Scripts/ folder. If you write or obtain other scripts for use with Mail Rules, they can also be placed in this directory. The scripts provided by DEVONthink are:

Icon Mail Rule - Add attachments to DEVONthink: Adds the attachment of the message it acts on as separate documents to DEVONthink.
Icon Mail Rule - Add links to DEVONthink: Adds detected links in the messages as individual bookmarks in DEVONthink
Icon Mail Rule - Add messages to DEVONthink: Adds the messages it acts on to DEVONthink.
Icon Mail Rule - File messages & attachments: Adds the messages it acts on including all attachments to DEVONthink.
Icon Mail Rule - File messages & attachments hierarchically: Adds the messages it acts on including all attachments to DEVONthink, recreating the mailbox structure.

Here is what the smart rule would look like in Devonthink: