Auto-saving email attachments

Since some time now I got a message from IFTTT that they had to stop the trigger from gmail. I Used it heavily to make every email with an attachments save that attachment to Dropbox/OneDrive. Then my Mac would use Hazel to process the majority of the files. Saved a ton of time. Alas, that is no longer available.

So, my question is: what do you guys use to automatically save all attachments to incoming email?

Thanks a bunch,

Hi Wilko,

you might find this interesting: Help needed regarding mail auto download attachments script and flaky rules on macOS Mojave

The combination of mail on Mac OS and AppleScript do work and achieve auto download. It might need some tweaking to accommodate your workflow. Hopes that helps a bit.

Cheers, Patrick

I believe that Dropbox’s Chrome extension can do this manually. And a Gmail-to-Dropbox integration is a one-click Zapier integration.

Haven’t tried it, but Microsoft Flow might be able to do it.

Check out this Microsoft Flow template - “Save Gmail attachments to a Dropbox folder”.

Hmmm, sharesheet not helpful on the Flow app. It’s easy to search for though.