Auto Tagging in Obsidian (or all text files in a folder)

Hi everyone,

I am using Obsidian but I am terrible at remembering to use tags. What I would like is to be able to automatically tag key words in Obsidian (or the file structure that obsidian uses). Options I can think of:

  1. Automatically tag any word that already has a tag. For example, if I create one tag for “Machine Learning” it will then tag every instance of “Machine Learning” wherever it is mentioned
  2. I create a list of words that I want to have as tags, and whenever I type such a word, it automatically tags it

I might be using the wrong word for “tag” but essentially I want it to appear on the file connections tab, so I currently do this by putting the word in square brackets like this: [[This is a tag]].


It looks like you mean [[links]], rather than #tags.

Have you tried the unlinked mentions feature?
When you open a note like Machine Learning, both linked and unlinked mentions of that phrase are listed in the sidebar on the right. You can hover over an unlinked mention and click the “link” button to make it a link.

If that’s not what you want, there are other, more complex, ways to do this.

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In line with @JohnAtl’s suggestions, this might help

Working with backlinks - Obsidian Help

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