Autofill location from calendar problem

On my iPhone 12+ (iOS 16.2) when I’m in google maps or waze, the autofill will popup above the keyboard and allow me to select a location. The autofill is pulling the location from the calendar. The problem is that the address is sometimes only shows up as city and state and other times it’s the full address. Below are screenshots to explain what I’m seeing. What’s strange is that you can see that i’ve put the full address because but for some reason the autofill doesn’t recognize it.

Screenshot where you can see the full address.

Screenshot where it’s only city and state

Is the address in the second one not 1200 Getty Center?

It is, but for some reason, when I click it, it only fills in Los Angeles, CA, instead of the full address.

Can you post the Calendar entries for each of the examples you’ve posted?