Automate opening a new safari window with a set of tabs

I have a set of websites I’d like to check everyday at the start of the day.

I can’t find a way to automate opening a new Safari window with a set of tabs.

I found how to add tabs to an existing window.

I feel like I’m missing something, is this really not possible to automate without Apple Script? Am I just being too fussy wanting this to be in a distinct browser window?

I’m open to using Shortcuts, bash, Alfred, whatever.

I just pin the tabs. So that they are available when ever I launch it. It persists even after a reboot.

Alternatively you can put all those websites into a separate bookmaker folder and launch all of them in tabs when needed within that bookmark folder too

Thanks @sangadi. I guess what I hoped was that I could trigger this from a Stream Deck button. I’m so spoiled lol.

I tried putting them into a folder in favourites, but from the home screen you can’t do the right click to open in tabs.

Pinned tabs is a good idea, but I want to review the tabs and then close them, like a checklist essentially. That’s why I wanted them in their own window.

I may wind up just using a different browser for this.

You can do this with Bunch.

How to launch a browser and websites in tabs: Opening Websites/URL schemes -

Using a Stream Deck with Bunch: Stream Deck -

Have fun!

Thanks @MevetS. I’ve used bunch in the past, I’ll give it another go. On scanning the instructions it didn’t specifically see how to open a set of tabs in a new window though? Or even how to open a new window?

Hmmm … I do not know.

My use case is to have Safari open with a set of websites in tabs, as part of my “Morning” bunch, to start my day. I do not already have Safari open.

gosh. I would also want to do it first thing. of course safari won’t already be open DOH! thank you!

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You’re able to do this in Shortcuts, I use it every morning. I don’t have my Mac with me at the moment, but once I do, I’ll post the shortcut.

Please post the shortcut. I will need that too.

Keyboard Maestro is another method of doing this, and you can link it’s macros to your Stream Deck. I have a variety of macros to launch certain websites that I can launch from my SD.

I have done that with a shortcut as well which then opens a Tab-Group in Safari for the sites I want/need. This shortcut is then triggered via Stream Deck. Super easy.

In Shortcuts there is a safari action to open an existing tab group, so once that is set up, the shortcut is only one action.