Automate Sending Emails

Hey folks,

I’m running a study and need to send an email every weekday to the participants about filling out a survey. If you needed to do this, what would you use?

  • The email needs to come from a Microsoft 365 email address if that matters.
  • There are 7 recipients.
  • It will last ~3 months.


Will the email be the same email each time?

List providers like MailChimp can automatically send emails from custom domains. Probably the easiest option.

Alternatively, if you have a Mac that’s always online you could use email software to just schedule the emails. You could just schedule up 90 days of emails to the participants. MailMate does this very well.

Or if you can write scripts and cron jobs, you could write a script to trigger every morning at a particular time and send the email.

Lots of options. :slight_smile:


It’ll be the same email each time, yes. (Doesn’t that sound fun to receive?!? :wink:) I’ll talk with our comms person to see if Mailchimp is an option.

In Outlook, You can schedule emails to go out. You’d need to put all of the recipients in BCC though.

It’d be Manual but it would work.

I haven’t used MS mail in years but I wonder if you could create a recurring event on your calendar and have it send a email reminder to the group?

If this were me, and the other option were clearing a third-party provider with a compliance department, I’d use MailMate (my email tool of choice with built-in scheduling), and write a Keyboard Maestro script.

Basically something along the lines of:

Repeat 90 times
  Activate MailMate
  Paste in appropriate fields for "to", "BCC", etc., tabbing between fields
  Paste in email
  Paste in "(count) days" into the scheduling field
end repeat

Fire off the script, go get a cup of coffee, and you come back to all of your emails being scheduled. You could do this in any client, as long as it supports scheduling in human-parseable text. It’s a pretty simple automation.

If this is the sort of thing you’ll have to do with some frequency, might be worth playing with.

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Do you have Power Automate in this O365 account? You can make a recurring workflow that sends email to a list or a set of individual contacts.


I think this is the ticket. And I think we have that. I’ll look into it! Thanks!

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Update: We do have power automate and I got it all setup. I even used the AI engine to get it started. Pretty cool, @cornchip. Thanks again!

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Glad to hear! I might find a use for it as well, after poking at it this morning.

Not sure if 365 works with but give them a shot

Power Automate is fantastic once you start diving in and having a play. We’ve got a couple of individual items set up, ranging from as simple as emailing a link to a file once it’s been uploaded to indvividuals that appear to incapable of bookmarking a link, to full blown action tracking spreadsheets that email individiuals when an action is created and then when it’s nearly and then overdue.

They have all other sorts of automation buit in as well, around sign off of various tasks, task creation etc.


I use exactly this (Power Automate) to send out weekly signup sheets for a training class. Works perfectly.