Automate split view of Mail and Reminders on Mac? KBM, other?

I would like a simple way to hit a keyboard shortcut on my MBP and have Mail and Reminders go into split view taking up the entire screen. What is the simplest way to do this, assuming it can be done?

Like this:

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Moom will do this with its Save Layout feature.

I believe Bunch will too.

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Thanks. I’ll check out Moom. I already have KBM–seems like overkill–but do you know if that will do what I want? I’m a complete newbie with KBM.

Never mind, I just discovered that must have downloaded Moom at some point because it was ready for re-downloading when I went to the app store. It works great for this, thanks!

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@JohnAtl This is awesome! Not only can I split Mail and Reminders but not Obsidian and Reminders. This means I can take meeting notes in Obsidian and simultaneously add reminders when needed. And when I select text in Obsidian I can use PopClip to send that text to Reminders. Works perfectly as shown below. Very cool. I need an iPad version of this!

This will be even nicer on the 14" M1 Max when it arrives. :grinning:

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Shortcuts in Monterey has a prebuilt shortcut to do just this, as well.

I haven’t checked out shortcuts on the Mac yet; I’d heard they were not working well but perhaps the prebuilt ones do. I’ll check it out–thanks!