Automated Form Completion

Hello Fellow Efficiency & Automators,

I am looking to complete a series of forms in an automated fashion and getting a bit stuck and would love some help.
Here’s the use case.

I have a list of questions and answers to those questions. Making it simple.
Name: Matt
Address: 123 Test St, Testington, GG
Phone 222-333-4444
Favorite Color: Blue
Bio: Long bio content lorem ipsum.
Born in: New York, NY
Live in: Los Gatos, CA

What I’d like to do is load in a series of URL’s to complete forms.
There are different forms, fields are in different order for each one.

Is there something that will read the text title and then select the right answer and complete the form and press submit.

This is basically training a bot.

Would love insights and how this would be approached.



Have you considered some of the Chrome plugins? I have tried a few but none that do that well.
LastPass does an ok job at doing form filling (more for credit cards etc)
I remember RoboForm being a good one, but have not used for a while as I think it was mostly windows only.

I looked at that and it seems like it’s more password focused now.
This would also be abandoning the perfect world which would not require a human at the controls at all.

We could answer the 50 questions and then they would be submitted to any and All URL’s we throw at is for peak automation and efficiency.

On Automators @RosemaryOrchard spoke about form completion using Java quickly but didn’t go into detail.
I’m wondering how she does that.