Automated solution to create a new email in Airmail from a non-default account?

I want to learn BTT. I did watch a tutorial but haven’t yet spent time with it. I’ve been thinking of things I would use it for.

I had one thought that I would love to automate.

I use multiple email addresses. I would love to create a way to start an new email in Airmail and have it sent with a specific email address. Airmail is almost always open.

Is this something that could be done? I don’t necessarily a full blown answer on how to do it - I’m just looking to find out if it can definitely be done before I go down a long path only to chase something that can’t be done with BTT because I don’t yet grasp what it can and can’t do.



Never tried that with BTT, but it’s a downloadable extension for PopClip.

Thanks. I don’t think PopClip will do what I need because doesn’t PopClip need me to select text before invoking it? I just want to start a brand new email.

With PopClip you either select an email address or text, and the pop-up lets you launch your primary email client; if you select an address it fills in the addressee in the correct field.

I have renamed this thread because there didn’t seem to be a way to start a new email in Airmail using BetterTouchTool.

Here is what I would like to do and maybe it can be done in another tool. I have Keyboard Maestro v6.

I would like to activate Airmail, create a New Message, and have the Sent Account be a specific email account of mine that is not the default account.

Due to a project I’m working on, I need to send emails from this specific account but I can’t change it to be my default account.

Any possible solutions for this? I have an old KM / Automator script that sorta does this but it forces me to use Apple Mail. I’d rather use Airmail.