Automatic Backlink Software

Im using Roam lightly. But am intrigued by the native ioS and MacOS apps.

Which apps create automatic backlinks? I think thats my major question in this space.

I know many can make backlinks manually, but im looking for an automatic solution. Maybe at least something that suggests backlinks as you start typing.

If you had asked this question 6 months ago, the list would have been a lot shorter. Today, it’s much longer than I can name off the top of my head.

I’ll start the list with Obsidian (my app of choice in this category) and let others chime in.

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I think Roam and Obsidian are really the only options as far as automatic.

Lots out there. I’m on DEVONthink and Obsidian.

DEVONthink 3’s most recent releases have a links display that show outbound and incoming links for any document.

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That’s probably not an exhaustive list

EDIT: More…:smiley:


I’m watching this thread eagerly too. I love the backlinking and Daily Notes pages in Roam, it found it hard to stomach the $15 a month cost.

I want to use across IOS and iPadOS, potentially also on MacOS and Windows (Locked down work computer)

For the cross compatibility, Obsidian isn’t a option.

DEVONthink and Obsidian are my obvious choices. :sweat_smile:

Just checked out NotePlan 3 and like how they are doing auto links and auto table of contents. There is no graph Obsidian style view sadly. It’s not going to work for my needs but may be worth a look.


I would like to see DevonThink’s backlinking gain these features:

  • Option to automatically append reciprocal links to the target document (if an applicable file type) in addition to displaying in the ctrl+7 view
  • Option to automatically rename links when the target filename changes, or at least preserve the links
  • Option to create aliases for documents so that varying text strings still auto link

There must be good reasons they don’t, having to do with the reality of the underlying document, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a richer database metadata layer in this area.

Would be interested to know if any other options do more in this area without giving up too much else of what DevonThink offers.

I too am looking for that solution with reciprocal backlinks. Thats the real key i think in this space. IMHO.

Tinderbox can also do it with its Ziplinks feature

Syntax would be:

[[This Links to <Note 2>]]

How does automatic backlinking work in FSNotes? I just started giving it a try but can’t find this feature. I also couldn’t find useful information on the topic anywhere, including its GitHub repo obviously.

(Sorry for bumping an old thread, I hope this is acceptable.)

Notebooks added back linking a couple of weeks ago.

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