Automatic Dark Mode color scheme switching

Can we please see this enabled on Mac Power Users? It would go amazingly well with automatic dark mode in macOS and iOS. After all, this forum is called Mac Power Users. :wink:

For those curious, this is how it looks right now on Mac Power Users.

Edit: The feature has finally been enabled on this forum now.

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Yo @RosemaryOrchard :slight_smile:

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Or just use fig… in 20 characters


Yes, that’s true. I love Fig, but it doesn’t have all the features of Discourse.

Would be great
Just hope I’ll be able to keep the forum in dark mode full time :slight_smile:

I really, really dislike the light theme

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Yeah, it can be disabled and enabled.

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Hey, any update on this?

Woohoo! Thanks a bunch! :partying_face:

It doesn’t seem to be working correctly for me. I have the toggle enabled, so am I missing something?

I still cannot get this to work. Is anybody else having issues with the toggle?

Still no luck! :slightly_frowning_face:

Screenshot of the appearance settings

1MB GIF Image of me toggling dark & light theme

working on my side. maybe it’s the bad UX. It seems you need to set the Theme to Light, and enable automatic Dark.

Same here, works like a charm. I am no fan of Dark Mode, but with the settings that @ybbond has mentioned, the MPU community switches instantaneously to Dark Mode as soon as I switch MacOS to Dark Mode.

Oh, I have had it set to dark. That is quite confusing. Thank you!

Do you have to do it through a script? I also can’t get it to work by changing my default color scheme in macOS system preferences.

no, in my case, I just need to set the option in Discourse’s Preferences → Interface to:
Theme: Light
:white_check_mark: Enable automatic dark mode color scheme

I did the same thing and it doesn’t seem to work for me.

@anon54919170 @Justin_Vega
If you’ve set Discourse preferences like I mentioned how but it’s still not working, maybe there are certain browser plugin you use that blocks a web’s capability to check OS’s preferred theme?
Maybe try on iOS with Safari?

Demo, 5 seconds GIF, 3.8 Megabytes:

I will have to try that.

I have a forum suggestion. Light theme should be the only option. Even if the checkbox is selected, it doesn’t work properly when you’re using the other theme.