Automatic date creation on iOS

For years, on the Mac, I would be able to type xdd and that would insert today’s date or xtid would insert today’s time.

I have switched all my TE snippets to Text Replacement on iOS, as Apple won’t allow 3rd party software keyboards to work on the Smart Keyboard…

It works fine except for the insertion of today’s date and time (obviously). But is there another smart way to do it quickly on iOS?

Quick tip: if you’re planning to move your Text Expander snippets to iOS. Then use a Mac to do it! If you expand the snippet in Settings-General-Keyboards-Text Replacement and then use Text Expander to expand the snippet then it will do so with inherent line shifts. It is not possible to do line shifts on when transporting TE snippets on iOS. It will only result in one long line…


Text Expander Snippet:


Will be:

Sincerely XX
If created on iOS



If expanded using a TE snippet on the Mac.