Automatic window snapping on MacBook Pro driving me crazy

Can anyone tell me what’s happening? When I use three fingers to drag an object to the left on my MBP M1 16 – such as when I’m moving a map or moving a photo around in a photo app – my app window will snap to the left half of the screen. I don’t want it to do this.

I’m running Rectangle Pro and BetterTouchTool, but I have window snapping turned off in both. Thanks for any ideas!

I wonder if one of the apps is not behaving correctly, or if there’s another place in the app where window snapping can be invoked. Instead of digging through each of those apps, I would temporarily turn both of them off, then reboot & see if the behavior persists. (If the apps are set to automatically start when you log in, turn this off, too.)

If the behavior doesn’t persist, then you know it’s one or both of the apps. It may even be some sort of weird conflict between the two. Try turning on one at a time (following the reboot procedure).

If it does persist, then it’s either a system behavior (look in Accessibility) or yet another app that’s causing this.

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Great suggestions, thank you! I will try to isolate the problem.