Automatically add content to another note

Obsidian newbie here. Is it possible to automatically update a note from another note? So in my daily note, I have an idea. Is there a way to flag/tag/etc that idea and have it show up in my “Idea” note/file? Sorry if this is basic or has been discussed elsewhere.

Unlinked mentions might do what you want. You make a note with the title Idea. Then every time you use the word Idea in another note it will show up in the list of Unlinked Mentions in the original Idea note.

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An embedded search query for a consistent phrase or tag might get me most of the way there too.

You’ve partially answered your own question.

If I have a note “Ideas” and then several other notes (“Solution to World Hunger”, “Cornering the BitCoin Market”) then the content of “Ideas” might be:

![[Solution to World Hunger]]

![[Cornering the BitCoin Market]]

and in Preview mode, the contents of those notes will be transcluded into “Ideas”. Whenever you update one of those transcluded notes, the contents of “Ideas” is refreshed.

(This works with image files, PDFs, and other document types. I frequently include meeting handouts into meeting notes this way.)

Try it, and you might like it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Another option: create an embedded search for “#idea” or something similar on your daily note template. Then, add that tag to any line. The embedded search will show the new result immediately.

Since Obsidian searches support regex queries, you can pick up entire lines following the above approach with this query… (I think.)


Another route is the Workbench plugin. You can set a specific note as a Workbench, then it offers a variety of ways of adding content to that destination. (Workbench’s developer’s the worst, though.)

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