Automatically Add to Music (iTunes) has stopped working

I quite often collect music by downloading MP3 files from (e.g.) bandcamp and I add the MP3 files to Apple Music. For years I’ve done this by moving the files to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Automatically Add to Music and when iTunes/Music is opened, those files are imported into the Music library and deleted from that folder. (Since the move to Apple Music, I’ve also used the ~/Music/Music/Media/Automatically Add to Music folder.)

Recently, (possibly since upgrading to Monterey) this workflow has stopped working. Has anyone else noticed this? Or is this a ‘feature’ of Music 1.2?

I noticed this too after upgrading from Big Sur to Monterey. In my case, the situation may be exacerbated because I’ve relocated my music library to another disk as it is very large.

I’ve always just unzipped my purchase from Bandcamp, selected all the music files, and then right-click opened them in iTunes (now Music).

Thanks. I can learn a new workflow, but it’s good (maybe??) to hear it’s not just me or something I’m doing wrong.

I’ve come to realise the behaviour is even different from what I thought. If I put files in ~/Music/Music/Media/Automatically Add to Music they get added to, but the files don’t get moved into the normal Apple Music folder structure, and then continue to be added to the Music library every time the app is restarted. I don’t think this is expected behaviour!!

I’ve had the same thing happen to me, very annoying and required extra time removing duplicate tracks from my music library.

My solution for now is to move music files and folders to a separate folder and have Hazel automagically open Music and import the tracks for me. I actually have two Hazel rules, one to do the import and another to clean up anything left behind.

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…Yet another in a long list of quirks and oddities that have caused many of us to have a love/hate relationship with iTunes (now Music). :slightly_smiling_face:

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After years of iTunes/Music screwing up my library I’d say we have a hate/love relationship. :slightly_frowning_face: