Automatically delete mail (spam) in

A legacy Microsoft account (that I don’t use much for email) is receiving quite some spam mails; almost all of them from the same two domains. While all mails are correctly filtered by Outlook’s spam detection they clutter up the spam folder a lot. Hence, I want to delete these mails and not even see them in my spam folder.

I wrote a rule that checks whether the address of the sender contains “” (and also “example” without “.com”). If so, the rule deletes the mail and stops processing this mail.

Unfortunately that does not seem to work. What could I be doing wrong?

Slightly related: this account has Outlook Premium, via my Office 365 Home subscription. Outlook Premium used to have real person support. Is that still the case via the Office subscription? If so, how can I contact Microsoft to help me with this issue?

Would that rule only work on the inbox? If so, that would explain it. If Outlook filters it before it gets to the inbox it will never trigger the rule.

I don’t know, but it would indeed explain what I observe.

There is pretty good support for office 365.

In my experience if you raise a ticket explaining the problem you can request a callback or opt to get help via the support ticket messaging.

In my experience They are fairly fast with callbacks, usually a couple of hours.

I have never contacted their support… How do I submit a ticket? (On which URL?)

Not at a Mac at the moment, and it has been a while.

Google o365 support and the first link is direct to Microsoft support.

Did you create the rule in the outlook app, or the apple mail app?

Neither. In the Outlook web App, to make sure they are server side.

Ah ok.
If I look at the O365 support pages they almost always refer to “inbox rules”
I really think this is the issue here.

Can you select a folder in the client app and choose “run rules now”?

On the server side, you can create a rule to automatically sent an email to the trash based on address.

That’s what I did. At least, that’s what I thought.

What condition would you use to run on mail from “”?

Could you post a screen shot of the rule that you’ve set up?

In the Mail | Rules section:

  • Condition: “Sender address includes”:
  • Action: Delete
  • Stop processing more rules


  • Condition: “Sender address includes”: example
  • Action: Delete
  • Stop processing more rules

Both don’t seem to work.

does it work on non-spam flagged domains?

it could be outlook filters them out before it ever gets to processing the rules

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That’s a good question!

I will try to experiment with that this weekend.

It does work on non-spam flagged domains, so it looks like you’re right:

Outlook is indeed filtering the mail before processing my rules… :cry: