Automatically Forward Text Messages

My work assigns me a iPhone and I have my own iPhone. I’m REALLY tired of carrying two phones. One phone is on Verizon and the other is on AT&T. One is in my name and the other is in my companies. I’ve figured out how to forward calls, and how to get my personal phone to see my work calendar and work emails. However a number of people at work text me and I can’t figure out how to forward texts from my work phone to my personal phone. Help please!

In Settings > Messages there should be “Text Message Forwarding”, you should enable every device you want to receive these on :slight_smile:

I have to say, I’m very happy with my dual sim iPhone, it’s made this much simpler - though it did require me to buy a new one!

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@RosemaryOrchard: Where did you get a dual sim iPhone? Or are you talking about eSim?

There are lots of eSim iPhones running around. I got my dual sim Xs Max which is originally from Hong Kong on eBay from the UK. The two real SIM cards work wonderfully in it.

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I really wish Apple had decided to release dual physical SIM phones everywhere instead of trying to push carriers to go with the eSIM. While I have things forwarded from my work phone to my personal phone so I don’t always have to carry both, it would have been great if I could have just moved the work SIM into the personal XS.

I’m on AT&T so there is a chance I could switch the personal account to an eSIM but I want to be certain they won’t prevent the eSIM from being used on another carrier before doing so.