Automatically invite my work account to meetings on my personal calendar?

I keep missing personal appointments because I’m too focused at work (not self employed) to check my personal calendar.

So, what I’d like to do is somehow automate inviting my work account , ie forward an email invitation to my work email address, whenever I accept a meeting invitation or create an appointment on my personal calendar.

There is still a chance that I’ll miss it as when I’m combing log files and computer code, well, I tend not to pay attention to anything else. I’m really focused. You could probably take my car keys and wallet out of my pockets while I’m deconstructing an application. I would not notice it.

I’m looking at this like the “always bcc myself” setting found in many email applications.

I could also have a rule that determine the email is a meeting invitation, and then forward that. But, I’d rather have a meeting invitation sent to my work address.

Thoughts? Ideas?

While not something I would put my head around, I’m pretty sure you (or delegate to someone) could write an Apple Script that would, using its nomenclature:

tell application "Calendar"
        [detect an event that hasn't been sent to your business email]
        [tell mail to send the event in email]
        [or something like that]
    end try
end tell

Launch it manually, or setup a scheduled job to check, say once an hour, or something like that.

AppleScript Documentation:

Or use another language, e.g. Python. But Apple Script has the advantage that it hooks into Apple apps relatively easily.

Been there. Done that :grinning:

I think you are looking for a technical ‘solution’ that will inevitably fail to work the one time it is important.

You might be better off developing a habit of reviewing personal calendars and adding them to your work calendar once a week (last thing Friday, first thing Monday for the coming week) - setting this as a diary event so you get reminded to do the check. Then each morning do a quick check of today as part of your startup routine.

Depending on how locked down your workplace is Fantastical and others can include/display calendars from multiple sources simultaneously.

If going down the scripted route you will need to find or set a flag to differentiate invites that have already been forwarded from ‘new’ ones. You will probably also have to limit the range of dates (eg in next 365 days)


When you’re in a work trance like that, no manner of electronic intervention is going to work. But maybe Due, which can be set to natter you with reminders every minute until you pay attention would be helpful.


Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate/Flow should be able to handle this pretty easily – unless you’re using something like iCloud.