Automating Duplicate Media Management: Videos and Photos


I need advice on automating the detection of duplicate media.

I have photos from important life events of my immediate family. Examples include weddings, engagements, etc. I’m the end-user and not the photographer. The situation is, the photographer would first share a few videos of the ceremonies. I copied them. Then we suggest edits, he makes them and comes back with another copy. I copied them too. So now, I have 4-5 copies of similar media files, with the only probable difference being the texts that were added to the already created movie files the photographer sent me. There might be some other difference.
Now, these files have moved between two Macs, one PC and three HDDs and SSDs.

Inefficient Method:
Going through each of the video files - twice at a time and compare. This would take me 50-60 hours and I’ll lose sanity.
Since the files have been moved so much, I’m not sure if the EXIF data or RAW data or File info is reliable. And since most edits were made by the photographer and only the text had changed, I’m not even sure if EXIF data is reliable.

Tools considered:
(1) Dupe Guru
(2) Duplicate Annhilator
(3) Gemini

(1) Is there an efficient way to go over this?

(2) I know @tjluoma tried Gemini photos and many other options here and did not like most of these solutions.

(3) I have photos as well with the same issues as addressed above - How could we deal with these?

I was pretty happy with Gemini when I used it. I removed about 10,000 duplicates with it in a few hours. It offers a three day in-app purchase trial.


PowerPhotos can find duplicate photos. There’s a free version.

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