Automating recordings of videoconferences: Keyboard Maestro or something else?

Dear all,

I’m once again in need of some guidance.

I have seen Keyboard Maestro mentioned a lot around here, so I have downloaded it and I have to say I’m quite fascinated, although I’m still in a very early experimental phase. I have used Automator for very very limited things before.

I’m now trying to find a way to automatically launch a recording of specific videoconferences at a specific time.
The workflow should look a bit like this:
open Zoom/Teams URL + insert username and password if necessary
launch Movavi screen recorder and start recording

These are not events with a fixed schedule, but I would like to set something in KM (or other suitable software) as soon as I receive an email informing me about the event, otherwise I end up forgetting (I can’t always personally be at my computer and I’d like to have the recording). I would use an iMac at home for this (not sure if it would need to be always awake or if it could be awaken by KM as necessary).

Is that something that can be done with KM and does it make sense? Or are there better solutions? I can set scheduled recordings in Movavi, but I would still need to launch the videoconference itself.

Thank you in advance for all your insights!