Automating repetitive tasks within a web browser


I know I’ve heard folks talking about ways to automatically click on parts of a an application or web page, but now that I have an actual need for it, I don’t remember the recommended approach.

Specifically, I have to periodically manually click around an accounting-related web site to run reports for each business day, and compare the day’s figures with a different website’s report for that day (a credit card merchant account website)

It would be awesome to at least partially automate this tedious task.

Can Keyboard Maestro do this? Or is there an other Mac tool that is best for this? I’ve done a bunch of Googling but I’m surprised I’m not finding obvious solutions.


Keyboard Maestro can handle this type of thing. There’s also an app called Keysmith that works with browsers.


Pop over to the keyboard maestro forum and put any questions there :slightly_smiling_face: