Automating Weekly Activity Report?

Here is a manual task that I do every week that is annoying and repetitive. I wonder if there is a way to automate this or maybe use another approach or an app?

  1. My calendar entries include the full name of a person that I worked with.
  2. Open calendar, highlight the name of a person and copy it to clipboard.
  3. Keyboard Maestro switches the first name with last name (order) --> Smith, John
  4. Copy Number document file - either from the previous week or from a template.
  5. Paste the name of the client, session date, clinic name, service type.
  6. Repeat the same process for all of the clients that I’ve seen throughout the week.
  7. The weekly file is exported to Excel and mailed to the office.

Can you explain #4 a bit more?

A combination of AppleScript and a time triggered keyboard Maestro macro could definitely do this! The only thing that is difficult is probably extracting a name from a calendar event ( and potentially #4 as i’m not sure what that is )

If it’s something like:

  • first 2 words of an entry
  • last 2
  • preceded by with

Then you can probably extract the name

I have to admit that I’m not 100% clear on what is involved with each step, but I will say that my first reaction was that this might be easier to do on iOS with Shortcuts than on the Mac.

Having said that, there is a command-line tool called iCalBuddy which can be used to pluck information out of calendars, so that would be the place to start from.

If you use brew you can install it with brew install ical-buddy or else grab it from here.

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Following up on my own post with a solution