Automators Forum problem

Yep, odd topic for this group. However, given the problem I’m about to describe AND knowing that there are some (many?) crossover readers, I thought I would try here.

Some time in the last week or so I’ve lost ability to read any posts on the Automators forum. I see the index of messages but as soon as I click on a link it opens to a screen with no message content. In addition, the usual top level navigation with the forum name and right-side menu choices is missing. I’m observing this whether I access via the Discourse app, direct on the web, iOS, Mac and all browsers. Seems to be tied to my account in some way.

No problems with MacPowerUsers forum.

Has anyone observed the same? Any suggestions for resolution? Thanks — jay

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I’ve had intermittent problems too. I’ve been unable to get the the new-replies view on several occasions, for example.

I’ve had the same issue. I was able to see a link to the preferences somewhere (can’t remember if this showed in the app or the web). In preferences go to the interface and change the theme to default and save this. Then you can see the normal choices.

Paging @RosemaryOrchard to the thread!

I know she has been doing some work on the Automators Forum, so hopefully she will be able to shed some light on the issue.

(She has also just started a new jobby-job, so please be patient if it takes a little bit for her to see this.)

same here, can only read topic titles, nothing else.
All posts seem to be empty

That makes sense, but I’m not able to find any visible link to preferences (either in app or on web). Thanks for sharing the tip, though!

Thanks to @Cepenpark’s tip. I just realized I could grab the prefs URL from MacPowerUsers. That was the fix! I changed my interface back to Default and all is back to normal other than no dark mode. Thanks for the guidance…

For others who may be experiencing the same issue:<user name>/preferences/interface


Aha! Well done!