Available for Order: Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac Desktops and Displays

For those of you who would like a convenient way to mount your iPhone on an external Mac monitor, Belkin just started accepting orders for a new mount:

I just placed my order. The current ETA is January 19 - February 2. Hopefully, it ends up coming much sooner. In the meantime, I have a workable solution.

On a side note, I don’t typically use my iPhone 14 Pro Max as a webcam, as I often need to have it handy for other things. Though, I hung on to my iPhone 11 Pro Max and find it works well as a webcam (among other things). I primarily use it with Camo as I want more control over the settings than Continuity Camera provides.

The iPhone 11 isn’t Magsafe compatible, so I bought an (M)Force case from Moment. This case allows me to use my iPhone 11 with MagSafe accessories. I can even use it with MagSafe chargers.

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Nuts. It’s already out of stock and only providing an option to get emailed when it’s back.

Continuity Camera has been a big success for me, so I’ll be happy to replace my jury-rigged holder with a proper one.

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I was able to get this one without problem. It is mounted adhesively…but that allows it to swivel so you can see either side of the iPhone.

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It’s available (though shipping in 3w+) via Apple:


Ah, of course. Ordered!


Thanks for sharing. Good to know.

I’ve been very happy with the Moment (M)Force case I mentioned previously. It feels like a very solid case, even though it wasn’t very expensive. And I was happy to discover that (M)Force supports charging (albeit at a maximum of 7.5 W).

I still have an old 2017 27" iMac. Do you know if this new Belkin mount will work with the older iMacs? I’ll upgrade to a Studio Display at some point, but probably not for 6-9 months from now. I know the mount will work fine with the Studio Display, but the older iMacs have a very different kind of top … so unsure if it will work there.

Love the Belkin mount with my MBA M1!

I still have an old 2017 27" iMac. Do you know if this new Belkin mount will work with the older iMacs?

The compatibility tab of the product page specifically includes: “iMac 2017 and later”, so it looks like you’re in luck!

Love the Belkin mount with my MBA M1!

I use my existing (laptop) mount on my M1 MacBook Pro and find it works well (as long as I keep the lid fairly vertical). It will be especially handy for travel.

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You just helped me spend $40!

@timstringer Thanks, this is great to know. I’m impressed with the build quality of the Belkin mount for laptops

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Happy to help, anytime.

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Over at DIY Overhead Cam, I documented a novice way to do this. Right now, it looks like this:


It looks like my Belkin iPhone Mount will arrive on Tuesday (possibly sooner), quite a bit earlier than expected. I look forward to sharing my impressions.

I received my Belkin iPhone Mount (desktop) earlier today. I’ve tested it with my iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max (with a Moment case that makes it MagSafe compatible).

Some initial impressions:

  • It’s a very solid product, without being too heavy.
  • It perches nicely atop my Dell 4K monitor.
  • It’s easy to adjust and maintain the angle.
  • While I’ll mainly be using it on displays, it’s nice to have the option to mount it on a tripod.
  • It doesn’t work very well with a display that’s very thin (e.g. a MacBook Pro display). I can see why Belkin created a separate laptop product (I also have this one).

Overall, I’m very impressed. :+1::+1: I’m sure I’ll be putting this cleverly-designed mount to good use.



I got my mount Friday and have done half a day with it so far. I have it perched on an UltraFine. I like the solid feeling as well and the mount is totally secure. No picture issues, of course.

I could use a little more friction in the hinge. The amount they have is good for the initial positioning, but MagSafe is strong enough that the hinge will expand a bit when I pull off my phone if I don’t use two hands. Tim had a better experience; I see he uses a case and I bet that the weaker magnetic force through the case accounts for the difference.

Overall, it’s easier to start using than my jury-rigged Continuity Camera setup, feels safer and looks better. Good purchase!


Thanks for sharing your experiences, @cornchip!

I mainly use this mount with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. This phone doesn’t have MagSafe, but I purchased a Moment case that makes it MagSafe compatible.

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I got mine (in Canada), last week as well. Love it. Just purchased Camo so I can crop my picture and not have extraneous detail captured. Very happy.