Awful max-volume clicking sound when playing audio - need to restart coreaudiod to fix [Update- Solved!]

I’m using a M1 MBA with Monterey (12.2.1). Over the past several days, every so often when I play a piece of audio, the first tiny bit of audio plays - then I get a terrible hammering/clicking sound at maximum volume that doesn’t stop unless I close the process that’s playing it. Once this happens, pretty much all subsequent attempts to play audio (even from a different source) cause the same issue. The only remedy is rebooting or doing “sudo kill coreaudiod” (or more gently, “sudo launchctl kickstart -kp system/”)

I’ve run into this so far in playing Youtube videos, a podcast episode from Overcast (the iOS app running in a window), and playing an audio enclosure from I have some memory of a song from causing this too, but couldn’t swear to it.

I think it’s possible that this began when a Rogue Amoeba app installed a new version of their ACE kernel extension, but I couldn’t swear to the timing. I’ve already mailed their tech support.

Console logs from when this occurs always include something like the following:

error	14:14:39.281852-0500	coreaudiod	DSPGraph_NonFiniteProtectionBox.h:108   2022-03-08 14:14:39.281824 : NFP: Encountered total 94 frames with Non finite sample <nan> or <inf> in one audio start/stop cycle!
error	14:14:39.281886-0500	coreaudiod	DSPGraph_NonFiniteProtectionBox.h:108   2022-03-08 14:14:39.281831 : NFP: Encountered total 94 frames with loud input signal (over 40.000000 dB) in one audio start/stop cycle!

Anyone ever encounter anything similar?


I’ve had the same problem since updating to the latest version of Rogue Amoeba’s SoundSource. I emailed support yesterday and they sent me a development version which appears to have fixed the problem.

Yup, same here, turns out. Thanks!