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I’ve used and appreciated many todo, reminder, grocery lists, memory joggers. and task managers…

For my needs — A spiral bound notebook with pages for different kinds of lists goes a long way. I can keep track of my tasks and think about lists. But the spiral bound solution is not compressible and makes it difficult to get all my related list items in one place (page).

Recently I tried Clear and Reminders they worked. But… On some platforms iPhone Max, tablet, and iMac. they didn’t show enough, the screen didn’t rotate…or I simply did not like the layout.

Fulminating about unfairness Trello’s kanban based system came to mind. I went to trello found there were new owners of the app. Changed over to Atlassian and studied lists that I haven’t touched in years. Cleaned up the boards… unshared some projects.

Then I made a grocery list with two panels, Get and Got — practiced dragging items back and forth on my phone and declared it good.

Trello offers real power but allows very simple setup and ease of use. It’s an app that makes sense to me.

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I love the open lists of Trello and am a big fan. Kanban boards let you see the big picture at a glance in a way that other apps do not. I like and use Trello’s free tier, but I’m actually investigating a couple of paid alternatives that offer swim lanes in their boards, which I feel could be beneficial to my setup.

If you have an O365 subscription then MS Planner is excellent. Much like Trello, but links with rest of MS if that’s what your organisation uses (eg tagging etc work excellently without having to go through any registration process, and you can add OneDrive documents really well).

Many of us are forced onto Windows or at least Microsoft Office by our employers, in which case I can’t recommend Planner highly enough!