Backblaze and multiple user accounts

We have a family mac mini with four user accounts on it. If I back that up with Backblaze will all four user accounts be backed up to Backblaze or just the one logged in at the time?

I’m a little confused.

Thank you

Yes, all users.

Great, thank you for your help.

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Just be sure to verify that what you think is backed up, is backed up. I’ve been burned with Backblaze not retaining some data I thought it was going to retain – and not backing up a location I thought it was going to back up. Both were my own configuration errors. I make it a habit now to regularly audit what Backblaze has done.


+1 on verifying backups, which IMO, includes regular test restores to insure you can restore your data.

I know of two companies that went out of business because they could not restore their data after a major incident.