Backblaze and (Time Machine) external hard drives

A rocking 2020 to all!

So…I went ahead and purchased a Backblaze subscription for my office MBP. Everything is fine and dandy.

But I have this question…I know that it is not/will not back up external hard drives that are using Time Machine.

I have three of those drives, and all they are backing up is my MPB. So I am assuming that Backblaze and the Time Machine backups are redundant. Safe assumption, I think.

Should I be doing anything differently with this system?

Seems like everything is redundantly backed up…all good?? Any red flag??

Any advice appreciated.



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BackBlaze for backup of your MBP in case of a disaster
Drive 1 for Time Machine Backup of MBP
Drive 2 for an periodic image of your MBP using SuperDuper or CCC and store in a safe location

iCloud, its a sync service but it also has a 30 day recovery for deleted or corrupted files (accidental over write of document ;-). I have had a couple of cases where a client needed to buy a new MB while traveling and be up and running asap. iCloud really saved the day (if setup and used appropriately).

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That makes sense…and Drive 2 would get backed up by Backblaze also when attached because Drive 2 would NOT be a Time Machine backup…

Preference of SuperDuper over CCC, for this case?

I think this is overkill. Plus uploading all that data would take a long time with the average internet connection.

The 3 step back-up system is well proven.
Personally I really like the iCloud addition to this mix.

If you have any critical database files like book keeping, accounting or some other database with hard to reproduce data. I always recommend making an additional backup on a USB memory stick and store that in a secure location.

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