Backblaze backup of external boot drive - iOS app bug

Hi all

I boot my Mac OS from an external SSD. In total I back up two drives with Backblaze - the external SSD (‘Seagate Extreme SSD’) and also the internal HD (‘Macintosh HD’). Both appear in my backed up drives if I log in to Backblaze via the web. However on the Backblaze iOS app I can only see two drives called ‘Macintosh HD’. This is replicated across different iOS devices.

I have put in a ticket to Backblaze support and the replies include:

I’ve passed this along as a bug report for our QA department to try to replicate.

This is not previously observed behavior and we, unfortunately, do not have a fix available at this time. However, the bug report has been submitted so we will hopefully have this addressed in future releases.

They suggest this may be something to do with the boot drive always getting named ‘Macintosh HD’ in Backblaze… in addition to my drive that is actually called that.

Is anyone else backing up an external SSD boot drive with Backblaze? If so have you experienced similar?

If you delve into the File Structure on the IOS App is it backing up both Drives? Can you restore a file from each Drive?

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Just checked and yes it is. It feels scary though with something as important as this to see the wrong name there!

I’m confused as to why Backblaze didn’t say anything to reassure ‘All is OK, just a wrong name’ or ask me for any diagnostics as you did.

So long as you can restore your files, you’re safe. I agree a little more reassurance from BB would have been nice.

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