Backblaze Download Limit?

I use Backblaze as my backup solution and actually really like it. Today, I only have my ipad with me and forgot a file (audio file, 80mb) on my Mac at home. I thought, alright no problem, I have Backblaze, I can simply download it… navigated to the folder, clicked download and… got an error message: “File too large! Please select a file 30mb or less”… this astonishes me - in a bad way. Is this expected behaviour? An ipad-exclusive problem?

Thank you for your thoughts on this :slight_smile:

Are you on wifi or cellular data?

Edit: never mind just checked settings & that shouldn’t matter…

Just for clarification purposes: on WiFi.

Nothing worse than a backup you can’t restore from. :frowning:

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I just downloaded a 116MB file from my backblaze account, had Safari save it to Files, and it’s uploading to my iCloud account now. Just finished; no problems.

For some file types, like video, Backblaze has a 30Mb file size limit, presumably so people won’t abuse the service to use as a media center.

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Meh. I can see their point but it’s disappointing because I counted on this possibility. They should limit it maybe to some media downloads per month.

What kind of file is it?

An mp3 file (podcast episode) I wanted to edit.

For next time, if you use an Airport or Internet router that supports UPnP or NAT-PMP, and you let your firewall allow remote connections, configure Apple’s Back To My Mac, and get file sharing, screen sharing and remote login.

If you want to access files from any device anywhere another option is Parallels Access, which costs $20/year. The nice thing about Access is that you can log into your Mac from a web interface, so you’d be able to grab that mp3 file even if you were on Linux, Windows or a Chromebook.

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