Backblaze gets “stuck”

I’m a relatively new user of Backblaze—perhaps over the last 3-4 months. I keep noticing a strange problem. I don’t run BB continuously, instead, I have a reminder to run BB at preset times. Eight out of ten times when I launch BB it says it is backing up but nothing is happening. It just sits there. Closing and restarting the app does not resolve the problem. I usually have to reboot the MBP to get BB to function correctly.

I’m running a new M1 MBP with the latest version of Big Sur.

I’m seriously considering cancelling my subscription and just relying on my two external drive backups. As stated above, I have a reminder several times a week to backup to those drives. I have an external disk at two different locations. In addition, nearly all of my files are in the cloud. While cloud storage and syncing is not a backup, I feel comfortable with two external backups plus the iCloud storage.

Has anyone else experience this with BB?

It goes slow and it sends large chunks sometimes that make it look like it isn’t doing anything, but it is. It’s just slow.

Any reason you aren’t running it it full time? I do, and I never even notice it. Whenever I do check it, it’s fully caught up. It’s best to turn it on and forget it.

It is redundant if you are doing backups, but I like having an offsite back just in case.


I thought it might be just slow, but actually, it never moves and when I select “pause” nothing happens. It basically does not run. I just had this problem and waited for an hour. No files were being processed. I rebooted and it started immediately.

That said, I just realized that it may be that I occasionally, without realizing it, try to start BB when on battery. I don’t think it will backup when running on battery. I’ll keep an eye on this to see if this is a “user problem” rather than a BB problem. :slight_smile:

I don’t like BB taking up resources but if my above suspicion is correct, then there is no problem with continuous backup when plugged in.

Maybe it waits until the computer is not in use or nothing is using bandwidth? I don’t think it does that though, but I really don’t know. Try turning it on full time, and see if you notice it. Mine seems to keep up (unless I am creating huge files, like videos) just fine.

The only time I have noticed Backblaze is when I have a new computer and it’s starting from scratch. Then I can see an impact, and just stop it from doing its thing until I am done with the computer for the day.

i am pretty sure Backblaze designed and expects to be run all the time as it minimises CPU and network resources for you. no need to over think it or do its job for it yourself.


@Leeabe51 @rms Thanks for the good input. I checked my settings and sure enough, it was set not to backup when on battery, which I fine. My suspicion is that if BB is started when on battery–and it doesn’t start backing up–that subsequently plugging the MBP in will not restart BB.

Based on your good advice, I’ve set BB to continuous backup. Set it and forget it. :slight_smile:



that would be a pretty big bug that i would be surprised they or others have not noticed.

I’m just guessing. That may not in fact be the problem. I suspect the bigger problem was the way I had it set up. I’m going to give it a week and see how things go.

This is the One True Way.


I had issues with running BB on my M1 Air, which I was able to solve by moving my license to a networked Intel Mac Mini.
I run hourly Arq backups from my Air to the Mini, so I feel well-enough covered on my Air, which is my main machine and I feel this solution is a real improvement for me.

I would be willing to bet that after a time (not even a week, but a couple of days maybe) you will see big progress, or maybe even a complete backup. BB does not respond immediately … needs time to “think”, look at bandwidth, check for new files to upload and so on. Like others said - BB is quite stable. Just set and forget, maybe check once a week to look at the summary. You can set BB to send an email with a weekly or monthly summary of your file transfer.

You can also double-check which files/folders are in your backup by logging in to your account, go to “restore” option. Wait a few seconds (Patience, Grasshopper!) and your backup directory will populate. You can then see which files and folders are in the BB servers.

The lack of exciting action from BB immediately is not a bug - it’s a feature. It is non-intrusive, does not hog resources or bandwidth. No drama will ensue. Set to continuous backup, then relax. :grinning:


Thanks, that is extremely helpful. And, your reference to grasshopper made me smile. Kung Fu used to be one of my favorite TV shows. :slight_smile: