Backblaze goes SwiftUI

New version of backblaze 8.5 released today!
No longer a preference pane and written in Swift UI so gets away from the Ventura settings app.

Looks much nicer than the old preference pane.


Nice one, just installed with zero issues.

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Without throwing shade on your useful discovery, I don’t get why people get excited about an app because it’s written using SwiftUI. Care to enlighten me?

Didn’t say I was excited, jut passing on the info that Backblaze put out there :slight_smile:
I guess there are some that will be excited because it’s using the technology that Apple have indicated will be the future.
Personally for me if it works well and is efficient then I’m not bothered, I’m happy with 1Pw 8 for example which took a lot of heat for using electron.

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