Backblaze Restore Question

Just a simple backblaze question. I’m finally jumping on board…

Let’s say worse case scenario happens. My laptop falls out of my car and gets run over and smashed to bits.

How does the restore work? Is it like TimeMachine? How does it handle the files?

You can either download your data from the Backblaze website or order a hard drive with your data on it from them.

A follow up question…

Let’s say I do a backup with hardrive 1 and 2 connected. The next backup only hardrive 1 is connected.

Do the files from hardrive 2 stay backed up? Or does that first backup get “overwritten”?

Exactly what data gets downloaded? All the system files and everything? Is it all just lumped together as “files”?

Just wondering what all is included in that…

Files on HD 2 will stay backed up as long as it gets connected at least once every 30 days.

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Online backup isn’t particularly feasible for full system restore. That’s why most solutions involve the use of local backups, too.

Backblaze does not include all files by default.

That’s what I figured… so hence my question… what all is included in the “files”

This article describes what Backblaze does and doesn’t backup by default.

It’s everything except what you have listed in the Exclusions section of the Settings in the Backblaze System Preferences app. They automatically have a lot of stuff in there by default, but it can all be edited to have as much or as little excluded as you want.