"Background Items Added" Notifications

Dear internet,

Every time I log in to my newly-updated-to-macOS-Ventura laptop, I am faced with this:

Please tell me there is a way to make it stop! Currently the only recourse I have is to individually close each notification, so even if I can’t make it stop…maybe there’s a way I can streamline the process of closing the 738,000 notifications?!

Same issue when I leave computer in sleep mode for a little while and come back, though not quite in the same volume.

Please send help before I throw my computer out the window!


Have you took a look into the setting of the Login Items, to figure out what is actually installed there?

Not a fix but at least this page shows that you’re not alone. (See especially the comments for suggestion to try and disable extensions.) Looks like something Apple will have to address.

do you know whether they are the same login item repeated many times or different? Can you go into settings and find out how many items there?

This is what I have on my MBP