Backing up an external USB Carbon Copy Cloner drive to Backblaze in Catalina

I have network drives which I have been backing up to an external USB hard drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. I am then uploading the Carbon Copy Cloner backup along with the macOS system hard drive to Backblaze. This has been working great in Mojave. I recently upgraded to Catalina. This changed how Carbon Copy Cloner backs up data. CCC changed the format of my backup drive to APFS and created a Container disk with two folders. My external drive now has a “CCC Backup” folder and a “CCC Backup - Data” folder. The “CCC Backup - Data” folder is hidden and Backblaze can’t find it to upload.

I know there are others on this forum with this same backup strategy so you must have seen this same issue. How have you addressed this? Am I doing something wrong or is there a workaround that will upload my data to Backblaze again? Thanks.

Since there have been no responses on this issue I assume my situation must be unique. I guess Backblaze will no longer work for me for online backups.

Have you reached out to Backblaze support?

Sounds like you might have made the external drive bootable, and that’s why it was reformatted and divided. You might be able to format it as a regular (non-bootable) APFS or HFS+ use CCC to Copy to it, and Backblaze should see it.

You can’t with Catalina - CCC backs it up to the same APFS paritions as are present.