Backing up an external USB Carbon Copy Cloner drive to Backblaze in Catalina

I have network drives which I have been backing up to an external USB hard drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. I am then uploading the Carbon Copy Cloner backup along with the macOS system hard drive to Backblaze. This has been working great in Mojave. I recently upgraded to Catalina. This changed how Carbon Copy Cloner backs up data. CCC changed the format of my backup drive to APFS and created a Container disk with two folders. My external drive now has a “CCC Backup” folder and a “CCC Backup - Data” folder. The “CCC Backup - Data” folder is hidden and Backblaze can’t find it to upload.

I know there are others on this forum with this same backup strategy so you must have seen this same issue. How have you addressed this? Am I doing something wrong or is there a workaround that will upload my data to Backblaze again? Thanks.

Since there have been no responses on this issue I assume my situation must be unique. I guess Backblaze will no longer work for me for online backups.