Backing up the Time Machine folder from Synology- insufficient permissions

I’m about to upgrade the storage on y Synology as well as install DSM 7, I will be creating my Volumes and Shared Folders from scratch to take advantage of the new storage space.

I’ve backed up all of the Shared Folders on the Synology to external storage. When I tried copying the Time Machine shared folder from the Synology to an external drive, an error was displayed after an hour or so. Unfortunately I’ve lost that screenshot with the error messages. Essentially it was a permissions error on one specific file on the Time Machine shared folder.

How do you backup your Synology volumes/folders?
I have a 1.2TB data cap with Comcast, so I cannot backup the Synology data to the cloud.

For backing up the NAS, I currently use Synologies own Hyper Backup to back up the “user” folder shares to USB drives and occasionally do a straight file copy to another disk via File Station, however, I do not attempt to back up the Time Machine shares.

In the past I’ve tried a number of methods to copy Time Machine archives (both USB & NAS) between drives and it never works. (Methods include: copying via Finder, copying via Terminal (with & without sudo), rsync, even tar - they all hit problems and fell over).

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