Backlinks and DailyNote Combination

I’m really enjoying the power of Obsidian’s backlinks and the DailyNote. I’m in the process of buying a new Condo, so I have a note for that. There is a bewildering amount of things that go on, calls with insurance brokers, the bank, etc. When something happens, I log a quick note in the DailyNote with a link to the Condo note. Now when I need to remember when something important happened, I open the Condo note and look at the list of backlinks. There I see the call with the insurance agent happened on June 13th.

I also find this helps when I do my weekly review and plan for the coming week. I review the past week’s daily notes and I’m inevitably reminded of some followup items. Even though I’m not in love with the UI of Obsidian, I do love the power of the tool.