Backtap! Did you know?

Did you know you can activate „Backtap“ in the accessibility settings? You tap the back of your phone to trigger an action. You can even assign a shortcut to it! There’s double and triple tap.


Didn’t know that, thanks!

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I was hyped when I first heard about this new feature, but after trying it in person I found it too sensitive for practical daily use. Sometimes I accidentally trigger the double tap simply by laying down my phone on my desk.


Good to know. I will try to use it as a replacement for the annoying „shake to undo“ gesture.

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I assume it’s using the accelerometer in the phone. For me:

  • Double tap opens Drafts capture.
  • Triple tap takes me to Omnifocus Forecast.

It would be nice to be able to define more than this but that’s probably infeasible.

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I get a lot of accidental double taps even when I just grab the phone to type and I even use a leather case, which I thought would make invoking it even more difficult. Currently it is set to toggle Control Center, which I can easily dismiss, but still annoying.

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I’m surprised Camera wasn’t an option, so I made a Shortcut made that my double tap and it works great.


Triple Tap to Screenshot already becoming ingrained in my daily life.


I have just triple tap enabled and it’s rarely activates with deliberate taps.

Triple tap to invoke undo is wonderful!

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Interesting you find Screenshot to be frequent enough to give it one of these precious (at least to me) slots.

I make lot of screenshots, in all kinds of situations.

I had no accidental triggering yet.

I’m very similar.

Double: simple Drafts shortcut for quick capture (doesn’t require the app to open which works well)

Triple: Add item to OmniFocus inbox (similar to the Drafts one)

I screenshot quite a lot, but the Power + Volume up combination is convenient and well ingrained in my head now.

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I was using backtap until I went for a bike ride with my phone mounted in its quad lock adapter.

I had it set to screenshot and would end up with about 25 screenshots after every bike ride :smile:


Sounds more like there is a need for a “if active workout is bike ride delete last taken screenshot” Shortcuts hook :wink:


I don’t know, but my experience is that the backtap is either too sensitive or too insensitive. On the sensitive end, the assigned action is often triggered when I hold and look at my phone while walking (not a cautious way to use, I confess). On the insensitve end, my phone often refuse to recognize my back-taps until my second or third attempt. More calibrations and optimizations are needed to make this feature actually useful and until then I’d keep it off, which is a pity.

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For me it’s too insensitive, I had no unwanted triggering but had to try several times. I have pretty rigid case though.

Yes, but I get too many false positives while drumming on the back of my phone with my finger unconsciously.
Had to turn it off again.

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You might’ve done the world a favour by breaking yourself of that habit. :slight_smile:

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