Backup and restore Homepod Mini settings

I have 3 HomePod Mini’s (2 Grey and 1 Blue) in 3 different rooms and just bought a 4th in Orange.

I would like to set the two Greys up as a stereo pair in the same room, But I want to move the config on one of the greys to the orange HomePod and maintain all of it’s ties into the Home setup (e.g. it’s used as an automation trigger for heat and humidity as well as being part of some scenes)

As far as I know (and have not found anything on the web which says otherwise) there’s no way to backup the config from a specific Homepod and restore it to another.

Am I missing something, is there a way to copy a config from one HomePod mini to another?

I don’t think so.

I guess that there is no way around changing the HomePods settings manually for your new scenario and updating the relevant automations accordingly.

As far as I am aware, HomePods can only be reset to factory settings and configured again.

There are no options for backups - and for restoring from backups. At least I have not stumbled upon anything like that yet.

That’s what I feared.

At one point I had to re-add all of my homekit devices to my home after making a router config change. Grrrrr