Backup of folder?

I’m testing out for some online/offline storage. I’ve enabled the sync to desktop on the box drive app. For some reason I can’t get backups to work with it.

  • Time Machine backups all seem to be empty.
  • In Arq 5.20, I get this error /Users/r2d2/Box: The file “Box” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.

Any thoughts on how to back up the data in box? Thanks.

Arq Help doesn’t mention Box, but there’s an old Tweet that says “doesn’t integrate with Box”.

I reached out to support. They asked if it was a FUSE mount which it is not. Then they suggested “back up using administrator privileges” Waiting to see if it works. Thanks!

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FYI, unchecking back up using admin worked for me in Arq. However Time Machine is not picking up any files.

Is this working for sure?

I tested by looking at the files in the box drive. Did a restore from arq for the whole directory and ran diff. Look like it’s all good.

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