Backup Power / Surge / UPS

My new power company (because I moved, not because the company changed :slight_smile: ) seems far less reliable than I would prefer. We get numerous little “hiccups” - enough to shut down all the electronics, but not extended outages.

So I’m looking for a UPS system.

Basically, I have a Mac Mini (soon may be two Mac Minis), an external drive enclosure, and a 32" TV that I use as a monitor. It would be nice to have all of that on the backup power long enough to (a) survive the power hiccup, and/or (b) shut everything down cleanly if it becomes evident the hiccup is going to be more than 5-10 minutes.

I’m guessing that, practically speaking, that puts me in a 1000VA or above model.

And of course it would be nice if the UPS did some variety of power conditioning / brown-out protection as well.

Anybody have any recommendations for a solid battery backup unit?

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Thanks for the link - I saw a number of those when I Googled, but I hadn’t seen that one.

Do you find Wirecutter to be one of the more reliable review sites? Have you bought stuff from there based on their recommendations and had good results?

I’m also kind of hoping for somebody who’s had experience on a more long-term basis to weigh in too. Because a lab test of a device doesn’t say much about whether the thing is still running in 3 years, or long-term reliability. :slight_smile:

I’ve bought monitors, luggage, all kinds of stuff based on their recommendation. It is frequently my first stop when I’m researching a purchase.

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We have a couple of these around the house. No grand analysis but they have proved useful in my land of flickering power and occasional outages.

Tripp Lite 1500VA 900W UPS Battery Back Up, AVR, LCD Display, Line-Interactive, 10 Outlets, 120V, USB, Tel & Coax Protection (SMART1500LCDT)

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Have you had them for awhile? Good long-term reliability?

Got them in 2017 so far they check out fine and address the power problems I have.

Tripp sells battery replacement kits for this model. I have no idea of battery life. But it is a feature I like.

… have thrown out other UPSs when their batteries failed. (A few years of use)