Backup strategy for 2T and above?

Like many people here, I am the IT support for the family. I am considering what is the best backup strategy for the aggregate of storage needs that may exceed 2T in a year. I have stuff all over the place and need to strategise and consolidate.

Currently, we use a 2T Apple one plan to backup our photos from iphones. I also pay for 200mb of Google one plan to back up our photos to Google Photos (better search and can be displayed on Google Hub Max, etc). I also have a Synology NAS DS 918+ for files, documents, photos and other multimedia stuff. I also have Backblaze backup (not B2) running on my main mac.

However, this is still not fully conforming to the 3-2-1 backup strategy. Also , I just started a blog site, so there will be additional storage needs.

Currently I am considering a hybrid backup plan, using an external cloud service (like Wasabi, iDrive, Backblaze B2), etc, that back up certain folders on my Synology NAS. I guess once I have done that I may be able to reduce the iCloud plan to say 200MB, then Synology NAS being the key backup device. Really critical stuff (like family photos, critical documents and files) are backup again onto external Cloud

Does this make sense? Anyone have other suggestions or want to share their experience, set up and feedback on cloud backup. Should I consider Synology C2?


Hey @fuzzygel , here’s my backup process, I break it down into categories.

Level 1 Backup

  1. Every member of the family shares the 2TB Apple iCloud for backup of photos
  2. Each Apple Device does the same thing as 1
  3. Time Machine on all the computers

Level 2 Backup

  1. Every device and all photos/documents/files/you name it is backed up to NAS 1
  2. NAS 1 is backed up locally to NAS 2
  3. NAS 1 is backed up to 2 separate cloud services (Wasabi and C2)
  4. NAS 2 is backed up to 2 separate cloud services (Backblaze and C2)

This may be considered overkill.
In case NAS 1 goes down, I can use NAS 2.
In case of theft, fire, disaster…I am using 3 different cloud companies.
In case of cloud failure…since I am using 3 different companies, I am hoping at least 1 of them is functional.
In case of the end of the world…well…that’s it. I won’t need it in Heaven.


:slight_smile: Your automatic cloud backup is already assured to be there when you arrive as I am told.



First - cloud sync is not a backup. If you mangle the file, the changes will be synced to the server so every copy is hosed.

If you have an always on Mac just attach a big drive to it and share that drive. Backup from each computer to that Mac and include it in your BackBlaze backup.