Balancing Catalina & Mojave (for the old 32-bit apps) going forward?

Does anybody have some old apps that just won’t run once the 32-bit banhammer drops?

Are you planning to run Mojave in a separate partition, in a VM, not upgrading, … ?

I have a few apps that won’t make the jump yet, and I’m strongly considering a Parallels VM to handle it.

But wondering what everybody else’s plans are. Thoughts?

I have one in particular. Would be $50 to move to 64 bit version. No idea about risk/reward (nor technique) on partition.

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I think the only app I’m going to lose is Aperture but that’s not because of the 32-bit change (I think it’s still 64-bit) but just the OS dropping support for it. I still haven’t figured out what I’m migrating to. Lightroom CC isn’t the answer, I know that much.

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I’ve got an older Mac mini that will only run High Sierra, and I’ll keep that for 32-bit apps and other stuff.

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I plan to stick with Mojave until I’ve got replacements for all my 32-bit software. But I have gone ahead and switched to Lightroom from Aperture. Not happy with that. But I also have numerous Macs that won’t run Catalina (or Mojave) that I can fall back on if necessary.


Try Luminar 3. A very powerful editor at a reasonable price ($70, but there are a number of places offering a $10 discount). It’s had a digital asset manager for several months now, which makes it a good replacement even for Lightroom. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

Jim Nix (who I believe offers the discount at his Youtube channel) has posted a large number of free Luminar 3 videos on Youtube.

And, no, I am not a rep for Luminar. I’ve just been using it for a long time.


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Does Luminar have a way to import everything from Aperture in bulk? Does it do geotagging and face detection/recognition? I tried searching the FAQ but didn’t use the right keywords I guess.

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I just did a look at the Luminar user forum and, as of 2 days ago, it didn’t. Not on the horizon, either. There are a lot of disgruntled Aperture users who are voicing their discontent. Here’s a link to that topic. Unfortunately, from what I can see, none of the major alternatives apps will import Aperture with all the metadata.

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I’ve got High Sierra running in a VM for some other (older ) apps.
I’ll keep it around for a few months to soften the transition process.

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I’m thinking i’m going to go from Aperture to Photos and finally go all in on iCloud photo library. It seems mature and featured enough for my needs at this point.

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In my case, it’s the Harmony app that controls programming for my Logitech universal remote. On the support forums, Logitech personnel keep saying they’re aware of the impending doom for 32-bit Mac apps and plan to have a 64-bit version ready in time. We shall see.

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That’s what I’ve found as well. I don’t use Aperture often enough to merit a subscription to LR; I wish I’d bought LR before they went subscription-only.

The only conclusion I can draw about the lack of Aperture importers/converters in the various alternatives is that they’ve all decided “well, everyone who was going to migrate off Aperture has already done it by now, no point to it.”

It’s all very frustrating and disappointing.

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@tonycr Interesting thread and completely consistent with my observations that they love marketing their products much more than addressing user concerns.

A quick DDG search surfaced this tool that promise to do the trick to a lot of DAM software. Maybe it’s worth a check (never used it myself).

Definitely going to check this one out, thanks @memex

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With everyone talking about Aperture export to something, is there any solution to iCloud Camera Roll (from iPhone) to anything but Photos. All my iPhone pictures also conveniently went into Aperture and I’m not at all happy messing around with Photos which I find totally confusing.

Regarding Aperture --> something, I guess I’m lucky. I’ve always exported processed images from Aperture into a folder hierarchy, so dropping Aperture means I’m only losing my RAW and processing settings. If I need to go back, I’ve got all the RAW images in another folder hierarchy, and I can reprocess them using Lightroom or something else (if anything better happens along, and I can only hope!).