Baldur's Gate 3 - M1 Optimized

If anyone has the Steam edition of Baldur’s Gate 3, it now has ARM binaries.

It doesn’t support Steam integration (because Valve hasn’t made Steam ARM compatible). Nevertheless, performance is outstanding. It hardly ever drops a frame on 1080p Ultra settings.

Be warned though, it only runs well on 16 GB M1 systems. 8 GB systems are limited to Medium settings to make it playable and struggle a lot as it’s memory hungry (at least according to reviews that I’ve read).

Another AAA title running like a dream is splendid news for M1 Macs owners. I’m happy to have this and World of Warcraft, two of my favorite game franchises.


Do we have gaming specific thread here?

Windows 11 in Parallels 16 on the base M1 air runs Far Cry 3 and Assassins Creed Black Flag beautifully. An advantage to being a Mac owner the past 10 years is we missed nearly every good game. So now we can pick them up for pennies at the Steam Sales and experience them for the first time.


I wish there is one too. There’s Apple Arcade and the releases are getting better and better. The release of classic games and new ones that can fit with the Nintendo Switch crowd had made it a viable gaming platform for me.

despite having that included in the Apple One sub, I have never used it. I have never liked “phone gaming”. Recently I have been using this to find games for my M1. I also have a sub to nVidia GeForce Now (mostly for Planet Zoo)