Bartender 4 and the MacOS Native Options

I moved to Bartender 4 on my new M1 MacBook Air and I am delighted by the new refreshing interface. What does everyone else think?

I think it is also nice that Bartender seems to have gotten nearly Sherlocked by Apple’s new menu bar settings in MacOS. Those settings are a nice attempt by Apple to manage the growing number of menu bar items, but they only went as far as managing the native ones. For me Bartender remains a good management tool, especially on the small laptop screens!


I’m using Bartender 4 on my M1 Mac Mini and really am happy with what I see!

Tomorrow project is to install BS onto my 16" MacBook


Do I miss something?

I previous menus the “hidden” items autocollapsed. Now I have to click on Bartender’s icon again for to get to my shown items. Did I miss a setting?