Bartender 4-slowing log in?

I love the functionality of Bartender, but wonder if others see impact on log in time when Bartender is set to be a log in item.
I am experiencing much slower log times since adding Bartender 4. I used Bartender 2 some time ago and now recall I deleted it after similar problems.
Am I alone or are others seeing this issue? Any suggestions to improve?
Many thanks.


Over here, Bartender 4 (as previous versions) waits until the menubar apps are loaded and then arranges them. It doesn’t seem to slow launch-time progress. I don’t know if that’s just something in my configuration, or not.

My experience is same as @anon41602260. I wait until Bartender is finished doing its thing before I start using my Mac Mini M1.

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Same here…

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Same here. Mac mini M1.

Yes, it’s very slow. But I don’t care, since I rarely restart/log off.