Bartender 5 Shell Scripts

For the most part I am enjoying the Bartender 5 upgrade for Sonoma, the groups are a great addition.

The one drawback is as of right now with the screen recording issue the show update image is no longer an option like it was in Bartender 4.

I had 3 apps that were using the compare-to image to show a hidden menu bar item.

  1. When Carbon Copy Cloner was running
  2. When Resilio Sync was running
  3. When iBetterCharge was flashing red.

I have 0 experience with shell scripts but figure I can achieve at least 1 + 2 with a shell script and apply that in bartender, just wanted to see if anyone had a shell script they were running that was similar and I could take e

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I’m not sure if you have already figured out how to do this or not, but this is what discovered recently about Carbon Copy Cloner.

Carbon Copy Cloner has a command line interface, “ccc”, that you can use to control Carbon Copy Cloner. You can read the documentations at: Using the ccc Command Line Tool to Start, Stop, and Monitor CCC Backup Tasks.

With this, I’ve written the following script to determine if Carbon Copy Cloner is performing any backup or not.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

backup=$(/Applications/Carbon\ Copy\ --status | awk -F '|' '{ print $2 }')

if [[ "${backup}" == "running" ]]; then
echo "${result}"

I ran a few backup tasks manually and the Carbon Copy Cloner’s icon appeared in the menu while the backup was running.

I do not use Resilio Sync and iBetterCharge so I do not know if you can do anything similar with these.

I hope this helps.